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Wanda the fishy!

I had to take a screenshot of the new workspace switcher(From GNOME 3.8) for the shell-workspaces page in gnome-help a few months back. The username on the top bar in the gnome-shell reads Wanda, in all the screenshots in gnome-user-docs.

Though I was mildly curious about why they picked Wanda to represent the GNOME-shell, I didn’t really bother to explore the internet and find out. I’ve been particularly free today and thus spent time finding irregularities that were not there in Banshee strings. šŸ˜ Anyway, I digress, Wanda, is actually Wanda the FISH(From “A fish called Wanda”?) on the GNOME shell who gives you your fortune if you have installed the fortune app(Check my archive).

She’s what they call an easter egg: http://linuxers.org/article/linux-easter-eggs

But, here’s the really cool bit, Wanda is not present unless you “free” her. To free Wanda:

1)Press the start button on your keyboard(Also called the Windows key.)

2)Type “free the fish” into the search box, AND LOOK, there’s Wanda the psychic fish!

3)You can also add her to your GNOME panel by using the ppa here: https://launchpad.net/indicator-fish or run Alt+F2 and type free the fish

Web app to imitate Wanda the fish: http://wandathefish.com/