The FOSS philosophy got me hooked to the movement a little before January 2012. Initially I was involved with spreading the philosophy and converting students at college and at workshops into staunch FOSS addicts. It was a long time though, before I became a part of the movement. This was when I started contributing last December for the OPW round 6. For someone who hadn’t been a part of coding hackathons, who was fumbling with git and was a general novice when it came to coding, the OPW has been a revelation about what I can do if I really set my heart to it.

It’s especially hard to become technically sound if you are trying to do it all on your own. With the FOSS movement, I feel like I’m part of a community that’s willing to help me figure things out while I’m carrying out cool little experiments on my own on the side.

My mentor, Kat, has been everything and more than I could ask for. She’s always been around when I’m stuck with something, right from December 2012. As an OPW intern for the June 2013 round, I can gush all I want to about Kat, now. Out of everything she has taught me, my favourite part is how Kat encourages me to be independent and figure things out on my own. There were times when I used to struggle for quite a bit before I went to her for help, and it’s made it that much easier for me to sort out things now. There are times when I use her as a sounding board to sort out the confusion in my mind, and it really works.

Thanks also to Sindhu, who’s been around with advice, in spite of me being a little scruffy with my actions, sometimes.

A special shout to everyone at FSMK. Right from discussions on the dotCommunist Manifesto, free stickers and shirts at workshops, to treks on Sundays that I missed, you have been more than a free software community I hang out with. You have been quite close to family, letting me come to many of you for advice and encouraging me to spam the mailing list(Sorry Vignesh!) whenever I wanted to.

Anyone who wants help with making their first contribution or who is just clueless about where to start, do get in touch. I don’t bite!


I’m aruna on #docs and #opw on

This is me and my slightly startled-at-affection grandma.