So, I got back to India yesterday after making great use of the window seat and leaving patches on the glass from having pressed my nose to the window. The prettiest looking cities in the night were all scattered in different countries, so everything’s fair at least in that department, I guess. I noted down names of several cities, but I did not make explicit comments next to each so I’m not sure which ones were written down just because they had cool names and which ones looked absolutely lovely from the sky.

GUADEC was awesome. I just wish I’d been less shy and less conscious, and more outspoken, but there’s always next time and the time after that. That should keep me motivated to contribute. There’s a lot of work to be done and I’m pretty determined to keep going from now on. The sys-admin-guide needs some work and so do my OPW documents. Jim Campbell has been awesome with the reviews and I’m going to be working more with him on the SSH pages for Seahorse soon, but Kat’s pointed observations are sorely missed.

GUADEC helped in many ways. I feel wiser on the IRC now, I know that it’s fun to talk to more people before you go to GUADEC so that you can have epiphanies and moments of deja vu when you’re talking to them in person. It also helps to talk about your work, every new thing you learn and every bit of progress you’re making, so that more people can help you out with stuff you’re struggling with and suggest new things for you to start working on.

Stuff that I really enjoyed at GUADEC:

Some amazing sessions: Endless Mobile by Matt Dalio, Putting your GNOME foot forward by Kat and Sindhu, Ethan Lee’s keynote on the first day, Pooja’s lightning talks, Fabiana and Andreas’ report at the AGM, FOSS and Education by Emily Gonyer, Meg Ford’s talk on GNOME in the Open Source Community and the session on making presentations with Glade and CSS. Hmmm, have I missed out on any? Pity that I missed Martha’s talk on developer documentation, I had my rooms confused.

Fitushka, the super fidgety garden snake.

Patri’s big hugs.

The late night walk with Sindhu, Andrea, Ferro and Alessandro. Seeing Ferro’s boomerangs was pretty cool. It’s a pity we had to cancel the stargazing session we planned. The other late night walk with Satabdi, Aakaash, Nirbheek and Pooja and when we almost left Aakaash behind at the dorms.

Prague, Ina, and the little Spanish that I picked up!

Seeing a huge Super Mario Mushroom on a window in a Prague building.

Flowers in balconies, in Brno.

The gorgeous shortcut that Jana took us through from the end of the guided tour to the bus stop. So beautiful.

Hashem’s impromptu newbie tutorial on fixing easy bugs. I still need to work on this though. Thank you Hashem!

Thinking things through on the walks that I took on my own. Being abroad, taking in Europe, wondering about life. Sitting at dinner with a group of people, and having completely different things running through my head. Also, skirts! I love skirts!

What I missed out on:

Spending more time with Kat, my mentor, whom I was super shy around for no reason.

Saying hi to Andreas Nielsson at the Prague airport though I was grinning like an idiot in no particular direction.

More late night walks and talking to more people.


It’s never to late to take some good advice that I got at GUADEC, and “Dive in!”, I guess. More work, and more talking and things should be good.