After some mid-internship documentation blues with Seahorse, I decided to finish documentation for Clocks and Photos and then go back to locking horns with SSH documentation. The Seahorse UI seems a little more familiar and friendly now since I’ve spent hours testing it and understanding its vagaries. So, this should be done soon.

Finishing up Clocks for review

Meanwhile, have you used Clocks? It’s a beautiful application that’s elegant, light and very thoughtfully designed. Or should I say re-designed since the application has had quite the design overhaul between 3.9 and HEAD. (Thanks Kat, for getting me started with jhbuild early on! I never realised how valuable it is, until Clocks showed me the number of changes between versions.)

You should look at the World Clocks widget. It’s got dreamy pictures and a rather romantic air around it, though I’m not sure if this was intended. I quite enjoy using this when I am bored.

Also, the Clocks team is easily my favourite team in GNOME now. Not that I have interacted with many teams at all, but the Clocks team has been super generous with their time, and help, and the quickness with which they respond or fix bugs. Makes documentation that much easier. Extra thanks to Paolo. You all are awesome!