I am at the FLOSS Manuals Docsprint organised by Adam Hyde, with a small troop of GNOMies from the docs team. We are working on a primer to Mallard.

Besides the awesome food at Google(Read, a continuous stream of gourmet pizzas, juice, ice cream, authentic Indian food, and DONUTS today), other interesting things include swings in the room we’re working in and a dog that came by to look at us yesterday.

Today is the last day of the sprint for all practical purposes and the book goes to print at 6 in the evening, San Fransico time. You can follow the work on the book by creating an account at http://booki.flossmanuals.net/ and watching the activity on Introduction to Mallard.

There are two other documentation teams with us here, one from BRL-CAD and the other from OpenMRS.

Something funny happened yesterday that describes my role here pretty accurately.

“So, is there something else I can do since I am done with chapter X?”


And then Mike Hill says, “Yes.”