What has been up, you ask, after OPW?

For starters, I have been taking a small break from extensive documenting myself and have been working, instead, with an Internet friend on docs for gnome-photos, which reminds me of my pending reviews.

Meanwhile, I have been working away at Processing, a pleasant programming language, and reading up on responsive design. Some of us hack away at Arduinos every weekend and we have plans — small and medium in size — to change the world with tangible electronic products. Aravind, Ashfaq and Co have been generous with their time and advice and their know-how of the intricacies of Arduino programming. Incidentally, it was quite surprising to see that the interface is the same for Processing and Arduino, and upon further research I found that they compliment each other quite well, and were, in fact, built to behave like that.

Meanwhile, have you read Algorithms Unplugged? It happened to be one of my favourite books back in college, after someone introduced it at the IISc Summer School. I have been reading it again in the shuttle from home to the office and back. Life is cozier when you hold on to studenthood.