Processing is this wonderful, wonderful language designed to build interactive programs. I have been working with it extensively over the last couple of months, and experimenting with a variety of things. I cannot express fully in words how much I love it and how it keeps me wonderfully occupied and lost sometimes in a new application or sketch I want to create. Processing has a lot of different modes and one of them happens to be a javascript mode that essentially ports your application to javascript and lets you run it on the Internet. However, the process is not as straightforward as I thought it would be, the novice that I am to these languages and interactive programming at large.

So, I thought I’d be nice and put up the solutions I came up with for common problems with Processing javascript. The link has solutions to the two problems I struggled with — making the javascript export cover the entire screen of my browser and a problem when I used “displayWidth”, “displayHeight” or a variant of “width” and “height” inside my size() function.